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Intellectual Property

עו"ד גיא אופיר - זכויות יוצרים

The field of intellectual property includes a long list of sub-fields such as copyright, Internet law, trademarks, trade secrets, designs, commercial wrongs, invasion of privacy, and more. Practicing in this legal branch requires skill, knowledge, and groundbreaking legal creativity. Our office is proud to lead the issue and behind us is a series of high-profile cases that have become legal precedents.

Our office manages many lawsuits against multinational corporations such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, etc.; we have won several high-profile cases of internet copyright infringement.

Did you receive a legal notice due to copyright infringement on the Internet? Consult with copyright lawyers!

Copyrights is among the fundamental rights in the field of intellectual property. The concept of copyright contains within it a set of rights that the legislator saw fit to anchor within the framework of the Copyright Law, 2007-2007. This is why creating works that enrich society and expand the discourse should be encouraged. Copyrights are not tangible rights and can be expressed in many ways. For example, the rights of a poet over a poem, the rights of a photographer over a picture, the rights of a journalist over an article, and more. It is important to emphasize that ‘work’, according to copyright law, is not only a work of “high culture”, and also “seemingly simple” works (such as a post on a social network or a restaurant recipe) are protected by law.

Does the copyright law deal with questions such as what is work? What are the creator’s rights to the work? When using a work fair use? What is copyright infringement? What remedies to a creator whose rights have been violated?

As mentioned above, every year, the legal courts in Israel are presented with many lawsuits for copyright infringement on the internet and in general. In these cases, both parties must seek professional legal advice from internet copyright lawyers who specialize in the subject as soon as possible. In addition, the lawyer should also be well acquainted with the field concerning the work in question and the platform on which it is claimed that the rights have been infringed (for example, in cases of copyright infringement on the Internet, an Internet copyright lawyer with a strong orientation to the field of online media should be consulted).

Important questions to know about copyright infringement:

  • What is the work in question, and does it even fall under the definition of the term “work” according to the law and the ruling?
  • Who owns the rights to the work, and what are their exact rights?
  • What was the nature of the use of the work by the defendant, and does it have protections under copyright law?
  • Is the use of the work done in good faith?
  • How did the parties conduct themselves after discovering the violation of rights (for example – was the use stopped immediately)?
  • Did the creator really suffer economic or moral damages due to the violation, and what are the meanings of these damages?
  • Is it possible to end the proceedings with an agreed compromise?
  • What is the appropriate compensation rate if we deal with copyright infringement?
  • Did the violation include other aspects such as defamation, trade secret violation, privacy protection, etc.?
  • What are the relevant precedents for the violation in question in terms of jurisprudence in Israel and worldwide?
  • What is the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant, and does it weigh in the case (for example – two brothers, employee, employer, customer, and business owner, etc.)?
  • Is a copyright lawyer also knowledgeable in internet and media law?

Our firm represents plaintiffs and defendants and specializes in intellectual property in general and copyright in particular. Our office is well acquainted with the Copyright Law’s individual provisions and the latest rulings on the subject. As part of our work, we represent both creators whose rights have been violated and defendants facing a lawsuit for alleged rights violations. Our clients are creators, artists, companies, corporations, clients from abroad, websites, importers, exporters, media persons, private entities, and more.

Copyright attorney - the required legal creativity

As with any legal issue, and even more so in intellectual property, the lawyer’s creativity is crucial to the case’s success. Our office prides itself on thinking “outside the box” and always strives to find a creative legal interpretation of the law for our client’s benefit. This starts with issues concerning the definition of the work at hand, through a legal analysis of its use, and ends with damages that were caused (or not caused) as a result.

The above is not a substitute for legal advice from a copyright attorney. It is recommended to consult us in any matter regarding copyright law and copyright infringement on the Internet.

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