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Defamation Lawyer

עו"ד גיא אופיר - לשון הרע

Our firm provides legal advice and representation in cases dealing with libel and libel laws, including libel on the Internet, defamation on the Internet, or any harm to a person’s privacy or reputation on the Internet and beyond. Defamation is offensive advertising that harms a person’s business, honor, and/or good name. Violation of privacy is a complementary tort to the tort of slander. It states that a publication that is true but has the potential to harm the privacy of the advertised person may constitute a tort. The Privacy Protection Law also states that a breach of confidentiality may constitute a tort to invasion of privacy.

Defamation Lawyers

Today, lawyers in the field of defamation and privacy protection laws can be divided into two: defamation and privacy protection lawyers on the Internet, as opposed to defamation and privacy protection lawyers who specialize only in the tangible world. This profound difference lies in the expertise required of a lawyer of the first type, who needs to understand the world of the Internet and specialize in Internet law. Otherwise, it is not possible to provide the client with a professional and efficient service. The lawyers in our offices have an orientation in the field of Internet, and have a profound knowledge in global and Israeli legislation in the field of defamation on the Internet, and other laws that branch out from the Prohibition of Defamation Law, such as violation of privacy on the Internet and beyond.

Claims of Defamation Made by Our Office

Our office has extensive experience in legal proceedings on defamation issues with large media corporations in Israel and with multinational media and internet corporations, such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc. The firm’s victory against Google was part of a defamation claim in the Rosenthal Law against Google. However, our firm also represents defamation and invasion of privacy cases in disputes between private individuals, cases that require improvisation and resourcefulness to serve our clients as plaintiffs or defendants.

Defamation lawyer Guy Ophir specializes in internet law and defamation law and privacy protection, for this reason we provide legal representation to plaintiffs and defendants in defamation and/or privacy infringement lawsuits, in both areas.

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