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Commercial Lawyer

עו"ד גיא אופיר - משפט מסחרי

Our office has various lawyers, including commercial lawyers specializing in commercial law, corporate law, contract law, trade agreements, and more. Commercial law is a broad branch of law. A commercial lawyer and commercial law firms deal with many legal issues such as contract law, trade agreements, founders’ agreements, investment agreements, confidentiality agreements, partner agreements, investment agreements in companies, the establishment of limited liability companies, dissolution of companies, mergers and acquisitions, trademarks, checks, bills of lading, legal advice to companies, convening board meetings, convening shareholders’ meetings, the capital market, sales agreements, consumer laws, and many more legal issues.

In addition, because the internet field is gaining more weight in the world of commerce, computer law and internet law also form a wider part of commercial law. As a result, commercial lawyers are increasingly required to provide themselves with knowledge and experience in internet law. It goes without saying that Google and various search engines are a fertile source of legal issues concerning trademarks, privacy protection, defamation, and copyright. Because of this, a new specialization in civil-commercial law has developed: the specialization of lawyers in internet law and computer law.

Commercial Lawyers

As mentioned, the field of commercial law is so diverse that a commercial attorney must have a lot of knowledge of business information to provide professional legal advice to his clients. Because of this, lawyers dealing with commercial law issues sometimes tend to acquire an education in business administration or economics to master the relevant information and professional terms. Many commercial lawyers are not involved in appearing or representing in court, and their entire occupation is in legal advice to companies and legal counsel positions.

Guy Ophir Law Firm - Commercial Law

We believe that a good commercial lawyer must gain experience appearing in court and adversarial dealings with an opposing party. Here is my reasoning for this approach: Drafting agreements and/or legal advice will always be lacking if the advice-giver does not know from personal knowledge how possible disputes will be decided by a judge or how rival commercial lawyers will try to distort what was agreed upon by raising polemical claims.

Only those who have experienced this will know how to advise their clients on how to avoid these disputes and how to avoid going to court, which for the most part, is not an attractive “living space” for commercial companies. In other words, just going to court can sometimes indicate unwise legal management. Because according to a rule, a correctly worded agreement prevents legal battles after it is signed. Guy Ophir Law Firm deals with commercial law (including internet law), defamation, labor law, representation, and appearance in court.

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